Anirvan Chatterjee

I’m a technologist, storyteller, and activist from Berkeley, CA.

Tech: I was the founder/CEO of, an early ecommerce search engine that was the best way to find used, rare, and out-of-print books. We eventually sold the company, and it's currently a tiny little subsidiary of Now I'm at UCSF, working on research networking and open data projects.

History/Storytelling: I curate the award-winning Berkeley South Asian Radical History Walking Tour, developed the visual introduction to African American and South Asian solidarity, and publish the Secret Desi History blog.

Activism: My work is rooted in racial and climate justice. I help build youth leadership with Bay Area Solidarity Summer, take progressive action with the Alliance of South Asians Taking Action, and used to work with the Desi Queer Helpline. I helped organize a national speaking tour on aviation and the environment, and interviewed 60 global climate activists and researchers.

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