Simulated restaurant meals: the next Twitter

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A major advertising supplement titled "Japan's Plan for Growth" in the July 20 issue of Fortune features this doozie:

"Quaeed Motwala, a partner in Japan Asia Investment Company...foresees, for example, a virtual 'first date' program in which a man and woman at distant computers ride in a simulated car to a movie theater, screen an actual movie, and then over a simulated restaurant meal share a real conversation. 'This would protect a woman from being in the physical company of someone very unpleasant,' explains Motiwala. If the two get along, the next step is a real date. Seem far-fetched? Perhaps, but so did Twitter not long ago."

What do women want? Obviously simulated restaurant meals to protect them from very unpleasant men. The future of courtship couldn't look brighter. Who says VCs don't have a sense of humor?

This is brilliant, like a little time capsule of the frenetic cyber-prognostications of tech analysts in the early to mid-1990s. Those wacky pranksters at Japan Asia Investment Company's marketing team did a brilliant job of sticking this bit of hokery in the middle of the otherwise serious "Japan's Plan for Growth." Thanks for lightening up my day.

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Baap rè, what could those wretched women possibly want? Except maybe to be treated like human beings, na?

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