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I've been working on BookFinder.com for almost 13 years now, but even the most amazing experiences come to an end. I'll be exiting BookFinder.com in August, heading out on the very best of terms, and after years of planning to ensure that our users aren't impacted by the transition.

BookFinder.com started off as my class project in 1996. My best friend Charlie built the 486 computer that it ran on, and we teamed up in 1999 to rewrite the software and run the site as our small business. We've been together every step of the way, designing, building, and managing BookFinder.com (and debating books and politics over lunch every day). I'm delighted to be able to pass my role on to him; the site's in incredibly good hands.

I've been planning to step back for several years now, to work on other projects, travel, and explore new opportunities. Please stay in touch:

  • via my homepage and weblog
  • via email, at anirvan (at) chatterjee (dot) not

I'm deeply grateful to the bibliophiles, booksellers, and marketplace operators I've worked with over the years. I've heard some pretty amazing stories, and I always promised myself that when I had some time, I'd try to collect and share them with others.

That's why I'm launching the Online Bookselling History Project, an effort to collect first-hand accounts of the online bookselling trade before 2000. If you were involved with the trade pre-2000, then I want your stories: bookseller BBSes, UIEE conversion nightmares, changing cataloging practices, the bricks vs. clicks debates, etc. You can help put together a patchwork history of our trade during a time of great transition. More on this soon.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who's been part of BookFinder.com since 1996 -- Alison, Asok, Barbara, Boris, Bryan, Chaitee, Charlie, Christine, David, Fredrik, Garner, Giovanni, Hannes, Scott, Shaku, Shauna, Thomas, Tushar, Vanessa, and Wendy. I'm lucky to have friends like you.

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Anirvan -

No doubt many will be saddened by your departure from Bookfinder - you ARE Bookfinder, of course, no matter who "owns" it now. I know that Charlie and the rest of the team are competent but it can't possibly be the same without you!

On the other hand, it has been a full-time job and one from which you truly deserve a respite. I have no doubt that you will be turning your hand to new adventures and enterprises. The history project sound wonderful. It seems that you will always be involved with the book trade, always making it a better place for booksellers, book buyers, and collectors.

Give your lovely wife that much-needed vacation and travel, then please come back to us in whatever form, for online bookselling really cannot be whole without you there rooting for us.

Thanks for all those wonderful years and the amazing things you have done to contribute to the bookselling community. Thanks just isn't enough, but all the good wishes for your happiness and good fortune go with them.

Heartfully, Lee
The Prints & The Paper

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