The Berkeley deadpool

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I'm sick and tired of local businesses I like shutting down. In the last few days, we lost Cafe de la Paz, Elephant Pharmacy, and Cafe Intermezzo.

I'm trying to muster up a little sadness, maybe a smidgen of outrage, but it's not coming. After losing Cody's, I'm ready to see it all go.

So here it is, my (in-progress) list of favorite Berkeley businesses. The way I see it, knowing my luck, they're all going to shut down anyway, so why delay the inevitable? I can start mourning now, even as I continue to patronize them, knowing any day could be their last.

  • Cheeseboard
  • Vik's Chaat House
  • Thai Temple brunch
  • Amoeba Records
  • Moe's Books
  • Black Oak Books
  • Comic Relief
  • The Other Change of Hobbit
  • Impact Theatre
  • Aurora Theatre

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Trust me, you're actually not ready to see it all go.

Come out and live with me in the burbs and I'll help you muster up a lot more sadness. :)

No, not Elephant Pharmacy! Not that I had the opportunity to go there much, but that place was great!

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