How I got my USB keychain working on Win98

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I'm on an old Win98 SE computer, trying to get data off an unbranded 4GB USB thumb drive.

Every time I plugged in the drive, the OS would start asking me for drivers. Good grief. I'm a Mac person--how should I know where to find drivers for an antiquated Windows box? I looked around online; most sources recommended that I try to find the original manufacturer's website for drivers, but I have no idea who the manufacturer is. Back to Google.

I finally found a piece of software called Maximus Decim Native USB. I installed it, rebooted, plugged in my drive, followed the prompts, and it magically started working. Thank you Maximus Decim! I hope I never have to deal with this problem again, but if anyone else has this issue, give this tool a try. It worked for me.

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