Business::LCCN, my first CPAN module

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I’ve made a few tiny contributions to open source tools over the years, but nothing significant. I recently uploaded Business::LCCN, my first public Perl module, and open source contribution under my own name.

Library of Congress Control Numbers, or LCCNs, are codes that point to book records in the US Library of Congress. I’ve been encountering LCCNs while working on a personal book cataloging project. There are some weird ins and outs to dealing with older LCCNs; I had to contact the Library of Congress to learn some of the obscure details that aren’t publicly documented. Business::LCCN parses and manipulate LCCNs, taking these special rules into account, abstracting away most of the complexities.

Perl modules uploaded to CPAN get run through a variety of systems:

I’ve really enjoyed being able to write some code, and get so many other services for free.

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